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Located in Dunwoody, GA, all treatments include an expert skin analysis and individualized skincare regimen.  Specializing in microcurrent, nano-channeling, LED, dermaplaning, hydrodermabrasion, anti-aging concerns, reducing pigmentation, sensitive skin, and clearing acne. WISH Esthetics uses Advanced Skincare Therapies and professional products in every service.  Carefully crafted protocols help rejuvenate, refresh, renew, and promote even tone and texture, improving every skin type. Let’s work together to grant your skincare WISHWildly Intense Skin Health!

As part of your professional service, an AM/PM/WEEKLY self-care is designed for your skin’s needs and to fit into your lifestyle…

Call it my WISH List for your skin!

Advanced Skincare Therapies

Harnesses the power of light to improve skin’s firmness and resilience, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase collagen and elastin production. LED helps to restore your skin’s healthy appearance, the results are illuminating.

Integrates nanotechnology, pressure points of Japanese acupressure, yogic principles of facial exercise, and the cooling touch of cold therapy for deep product penetration into the skin, boosting results.

A dynamic sculpting facial treatment uses positive and negative currents to work on underlying facial muscles to help refine, tighten, lift, and firm! Results are best realized in 10-12 sessions, once or twice a week, followed by monthly maintenance.

20 Hz Pro also known as acoustical therapy uses calibrated frequencies to assist in lymphatic drainage, helping to depuff, lift, firm, and tone. It is music for your skin.

Also known a hydrodermabrasion, is an amazing four-step process combining water and nutrient-filled serums to cleanse, infuse, and hydrate the skin.

Gentle manual exfoliation process. Reveals smoother, brighter skin, helping products absorb into the skin. Bonus, this service temporarily removes “peach fuzz” from the skin’s surface.

WISH Facial Menu

WISH Treatment 1 -105 min. - $180

Most Popular! Created for accelerated results, this anti-aging, pigment-reducing, acne-clearing skin rejuvenation service works wonders. May include any of the following advanced skincare therapies: Serum Infusion, Acoustical Therapy, LED.

WISH Treatment 2 - 90 min.- $165

Designed for ongoing skin improvement and visible treatment progression. This powerful treatment is suitable for all skin types. May include any of the following advanced skincare therapies: Nano-Channeling, Microcurrent, LED, or Acoustical Therapy.

WISH Treatment 3 -75 min - $145

Developed for first-time/occasional facial clients, special events, or a fabulous night on the town. This treatment works to reduce pigmentation, smooth fine lines/wrinkles, calm sensitive skin, and clear acne. May include Acoustical Therapy.

Enhancement Services

Oncology Facial - 45 min. - $100

A relaxing, skin soothing treatment designed for those undergoing cancer treatment. Created with love for your beautiful mind, spirit, and skin.

Add-on Waxing Services

Brow Shaping - $23
Lip - $10
Chin - $18
Full Face (Brows not included) - $50
Full Face and Brow Shaping - $70
Brow Shaping and Lip - $33
*These services are only available as an add-on to your facial.

Neurotris Microcurrent Treatment Results

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Wish Esthetics Reviews
Wish Esthetics Reviews

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WISH Esthetics Policies

WISH Esthetics has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Please provide a minimum 24-hour notice for rescheduling or canceling your appointment. If 24-hour notice is not received, a $65 fee will be charged and sent via email invoice. If the time slot is filled, the fee will be happily waived.

Late Arrivals – If you arrive late (30 min or less) for your scheduled time, the service will be modified to fit any remaining time and full-service fee will apply. After 30 min, your appointment will need to be rescheduled and full-service fee will apply.

Retail Return Policy – If you are not happy with your purchase, please reach out as soon as possible. WISH Esthetics offers a full refund of unused product for 30 days and product less than 25% used within the first 14 days of purchase.

Thank you for honoring these policies.